Emigrating? Key questions for your international moving company

According to a Statista survey last year, about 14% of South Africa’s working population of 15.6 million, or just more than two million people, indicated they were seriously considering emigrating.

The relocation costs alone are high, which means it is well worth taking the time to vet your choice of relocation specialists.

Ian Pettey, managing director Africa at Crown Relocations, says that to relocate the contents of a two-bedroom house you would need a 20-foot container. “The relocation costs to the UK would be about R120,000, and that goes up to R200,000 to go to Australia. A three-bedroom house would equate to a 40-foot container, with a relocation cost of R180,000 to the UK and R320,000 to Australia,” he says.

Pettey suggests asking the international removal company the following before you sign a contract:

Do you offer a full door-to-door service delivery to the final destination?

This means they will take care of everything, from packing your belongings in the home you are leaving to delivering them to your new home.

How many years have you been in business, and do you have references?

Experience is key when it comes to moving internationally, and it is preferable to use a moving company that has been in business for several years. Ask for references from previous clients to ensure that you’re choosing a reputable and reliable company.

Do you offer full-value protection insurance?

Make sure the company offers this. It means that if anything gets lost or damaged during the move, you’ll be fully compensated. And remember to read the small print!

What services do you offer other than shipping household effects?

Moving internationally involves much more than just shipping your household effects. Ask the company about other services they may offer, such as pet relocation, visa assistance, finding a rental property and language training. The more help you get, the easier the relocation will be.

Do you offer shipment tracking?

Knowing where your belongings are during the move can provide peace of mind. Ask if the company offers shipment tracking so that you can keep an eye on your belongings throughout the move.

Are there any unforeseen additional charges that could be incurred?

Make sure to ask about any additional charges that could be incurred, such as customs fees or storage fees. This will help you budget for the move more accurately.

Do you provide storage at the destination city?

If you are not able to move into your new home right away, you may need to store your belongings temporarily. Ask if the removal company provides safe storage options at the destination city and if there are additional costs to use them.