Artificial Intelligence rates Cape Town the MOST BEAUTIFUL CITY in the World

Artificial Intelligence rates Cape Town the MOST BEAUTIFUL CITY in the World and here’s the story told by Kabous le Roux of Kfm 94.5.

“It’s the 28th of December, and the most skeletal of skeleton staff is holding the fort here at HQ in De Waterkant.

So, we had a brainwave!

Just for the heck of it (it’s REALLY quiet and boring at work right now), we’re going to tell ChatGPT, ‘Rank the world’s cities by beauty’then simply publish that as an article, whatever it spits out.

Prompt: Rank the world’s cities by beauty.

Answer by ChatGPT (verbatim):

Beauty is a subjective and personal perception, and ranking cities by beauty can vary greatly depending on individual preferences and cultural backgrounds. Additionally, beauty can be found in different aspects of a city, such as architecture, natural surroundings, cultural richness, and more. Therefore, any attempt to rank cities by beauty is inherently subjective and may not accurately represent everyone’s opinion.

That being said, some cities are commonly regarded as aesthetically pleasing by many people due to their unique features and attractions. However, it’s important to approach such rankings with an open mind and an understanding that different people appreciate different aspects of a city.

Here is a subjective ranking, in order of beauty, of a few cities that are often praised for it:

Cape Town, South Africa Table Mountain and coastal landscapes with a mix of modern and historic architecture, along with a rich cultural heritage.

Vancouver, Canada Surrounded by mountains and the Pacific Ocean, featuring a blend of natural and urban beauty, and a diverse cultural scene.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Iconic beaches, mountains, and lush greenery with a vibrant urban setting and a lively cultural atmosphere.

Sydney, Australia Harbor views, beaches, and nearby national parks, along with iconic landmarks and a vibrant cultural scene.

Queenstown, New Zealand Situated on Lake Wakatipu with the Southern Alps, complemented by charming architecture and a relaxed cultural vibe.

Santorini, Greece Clifftop views of the Aegean Sea with unique, white-washed buildings and a rich historical and cultural background.

Banff, Canada  Stunning Rocky Mountain scenery alongside rustic mountain architecture, and a connection to the Indigenous cultures.

Bergen, Norway Fjords, mountains, and coastal beauty, featuring colourful historic buildings and a strong cultural identity.

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Tropical landscapes and Pacific Ocean surroundings, blended with Hawaiian architecture and a unique Polynesian cultural heritage.

Paris, France Architectural beauty with iconic landmarks, complemented by a rich history and cultural significance.

Remember, this list is not definitive, and the beauty of a city is ultimately in the eye of the beholder. Additionally, new perspectives and emerging destinations can continually reshape the perception of beautiful cities.”